As part of migration of fedmsg from ZMQ to AMQP, I would like to revisit what 
is Copr sending to fedmsg.

Right now we are sending:

        'build.start': {
            'what': "build start: user:{user} copr:{copr}" \
                    " pkg:{pkg} build:{build} ip:{ip} pid:{pid}",
        'chroot.start': {
            'what': "chroot start: chroot:{chroot} user:{user}" \
                    " copr:{copr} pkg:{pkg} build:{build} ip:{ip} pid:{pid}",
        'build.end': {
            'what': "build end: user:{user} copr:{copr} build:{build}" \
                    " pkg:{pkg} version:{version} ip:{ip} pid:{pid} 

I have several ideas what we *should* send. Thou, I'd like to hear *your* use 
case. You do not need to be technically
detailed. Something like:

  I can utilize if you send message and the end/start of XXX and you will put 
there information YYYY. I would use this
information for ZZZZ.

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