Current *-devel packages tend to pull a lot of dependencies, probably to make developers life easier, but I think some of them are not needed.

For example, someone developing against krb5-devel for a GSSAPI client, probably doesn't need openssl-devel installed, that they are linking against Kerberos doesn't means they use the same crypto library directly, they could use nss for example.

This is somewhat related to the remove excessive linking change [1]. We could help developers detect they are over linking by not installing unnecessary *-devel dependencies. So in summary, the proposal is to reduce inter *-devel packages dependencies, and only add them when one module exports symbols, data structures or other stuff that make linking against the other library necessary.

Note: this all started with bug 1613852 [2], where nodejs-devel is pulling compat-openssl10-devel and my NodeJS development needs don't require to link to OpenSSL (the native module being built doesn't do crypto), but for others projects I really need openssl-devel (not compat*) and both, openssl-devel and compat-openssl10-devel conflicts

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