As we've now reached the branch point, it's time to start weekly
blocker status mails.

Action summary

Accepted blockers

ACTION: QA / dm-multipath team to verify the fix is fully complete

ACTION: continue troubleshooting and determine a fix

Proposed blockers
ACTION: blocker reviewers to vote on status, QA to verify fix

Bug-by-bug detail

Accepted blockers
1. -
device-mapper-multipath - MODIFIED
segfault during boot of netinstall image

This is reported to be fixed in
device-mapper-multipath-0.7.9-5.git2df6110, however it seems there may
still be a broader issue with how multipath.conf is generated on
netinstall images.

2. - fedora-repos - NEW
F29 to Rawhide (F30) upgrades fail, seems to be modularity-related

This appeared to be fixed after openQA tests began passing, but it can
still be manually reproduced. It looks like a fix is still being

Proposed blockers

1. - freeipa - ON_QA
FreeIPA server deployment fails due to 'Permission denied' error under
/tmp during pki-tomcatd deployment

This is reported to be fixed in freeipa-4.7.2-5.fc30. openQA will
verify on the next rawhide compose.

Ben Cotton
Fedora Program Manager
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