Hi everybody,

Tomorrow we'll have the first meeting of the Stewardship SIG.
Non-SIG-members are of course welcome to participate, as well.

I considered both the final whenisgood survey results and the fedora
meeting calendar to find a good spot for this week (which is a bit of
a weird one due to the Easter holidays). We'll try to find a better
slot for future meetings.

- When: 2019-04-17, 17:00 UTC
- Where: #fedora-meeting on freenode

fedocal event:

Current Agenda:

- Review broken dependencies and build failures
- Review Open RHBZ Bugs
- Review Open Pull Requests
- Review (SIG) Leaf Packages
- Discuss and agree upon future meeting schedule

Some helpful hyperlinks for these items are available in the ticket on
pagure. Also, SIG members, feel free to add further things to the

If you can't make it tomorrow, we will continue discussions on the
tickets that I'll be creating for every open issue that we come across
during the meeting.

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