Florian Weimer wrote:
> I think that's only a problem if reported bugs don't get fixed.  If such
> bugs are fixed, shipping everything that builds aligns well with
> building a community-tested distribution.
> Exceptions could be software that leads to purchases of some kind, based
> on an incorrect assumption of Fedora support due to the existence of the
> non-working package.

Well, that would exclude a lot of hardware drivers, and make Fedora pretty 
useless. (You cannot realistically test Fedora on all hardware on which 
users want to use it.)

In the end, if I need, e.g., a printer, I just have to buy some model, check 
the model lists upstream (in my example: Gutenprint, HPLIP, etc.) claims to 
support (for printers, openprinting.org can also be of help) and then hope 
it works. Short hardware compatibility lists with regularly tested models 
are not always helpful because the listed models are often no longer 
available and/or not in the desired price and/or feature range.

        Kevin Kofler
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