Gordan Bobic wrote:
> It may be simpler to approach the question from the other side, i.e. is
> there anything that actually ever needs more than 1MB of stack space? If
> there is, I haven't seen it in the decade since I've been using this tweak
> with various Fedora derived distributions.

I've more than once had Java applications crash with a StackOverflowError 
because Java has such a retarded 1 MiB default stack size independently of 
the amount of available RAM. (You have to explicitly use the -Xss parameter 
to get more.) It happened at least once in Java code and at least once in 
C++ code interfaced through JNI.

So I don't think 1 MiB is a reasonable default stack size for
general-purpose computers, though it might make sense on ARM.

        Kevin Kofler

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