On Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 11:25:13PM +0100, Fabio Valentini wrote:
>    On Mon, Dec 2, 2019, 22:44 Kevin Kofler <[1]kevin.kof...@chello.at> wrote:
>      Igor Gnatenko wrote:
>      > * Should any other packager (not that maintainer) be able to request
>      > new branches on that repo?
>      > * Should provenpackager be able to do the same request?
>      Since I do not give a darn about what happens to my packages on EPEL, I
>      am
>      fine with anybody requesting EPEL branches for them as long as they do
>      the
>      work and don't expect me to do anything to those branches (which is not
>      going to happen).
>    I think this might be a good time point out that it's actually possible to
>    override the default assignee for a component for EPEL bugs (also for
>    fedora) in bugzilla by adding this override in the
>    releng/fedora-scm-requests repo for the respective package, like here:
> [2]https://pagure.io/releng/fedora-scm-requests/blob/master/f/rpms/jackson-databind
>    (Note that lef was actually deemed non-responsive some months back, so
>    this is probably not a good example of a package where this split
>    responsibility "worked".) 

Just a note on that subject, we're actively working on getting ride of this git
repo and move this back to dist-git as well :)

As for the issue discussed in this thread, this sounds like a fairly easy change
to add to: https://pagure.io/fedscm-admin/.
Could someone open a ticket there? (Do not allow non-maintainer to request a
branch on a package)
The workflow becoming: if you want an epel branch created, talk to the current
maintainer, get them to give you commit on the package and then request the
branch via fedpkg.

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