On Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 06:26:32PM -0500, Elliott Sales de Andrade wrote:
> On Mon, 2 Dec 2019 at 08:22, Pierre-Yves Chibon <pin...@pingoured.fr> wrote:
> >
> > Good Morning Everyone™,
> >
> > we have recently spent some time refactoring, improving and fixing the 
> > script
> > that syncs the default assignee and CC list from dist-git to Bugzilla.
> >
> > Since the script was broken for some time, we felt that it needs some 
> > validation
> > before we run it live (which will still require some work).
> > We have uploaded the results at:
> > https://pingou.fedorapeople.org/distgit_bugzilla_sync.log
> > (Note that this only shows what would be updated.)
> >
> > We'd appreciate it if you could take some time and check the changes 
> > affecting
> > you and report any issues you might find.
> > An easy way to do this is downloading the file and grepping for your FAS
> > username.
> [EDITCOMP] Fedora/python-Fiona  initialowner changed  to FAS name(s) `orphan`
> [EDITCOMP] Fedora/python-Fiona  initialcclist changed from
> `['@python-sig', 'qulogic']` to FAS name(s) `['orphan']`
> Need to double-check this, because python-Fiona is retired, and I'm
> not an owner of, or CC'd on, it. But I *am* an owner of python-fiona,
> which is not orphaned.

You are correct:
https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-Fiona is retired and thus will be
moved to orphan in bugzilla.
while: https://pagure.io/fedscm-admin/ is still active and according to the
script will not be touched:
[NOCHANGE] python-fiona/Fedora

And I've just double checked, both exists in bugzilla currently.

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