qpid-proton is orphaned with a lot of impacted packages:

Depending on: qpid-proton (24), status change: 2019-12-20 (3 weeks ago)
     koji (maintained by: ausil, bowlofeggs, kevin, mikem, puiterwijk)
        python3-koji-hub-plugins-1.19.1-2.fc32.noarch requires python3-qpid-proton = 0.29.0-1.fc32

     cmake-fedora (maintained by: fujiwara)
        cmake-fedora-2.9.3-5.fc31.noarch requires fedora-packager =, koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32
         cmake-fedora-2.9.3-5.fc31.src requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     fedora-packager (maintained by: kellin, mohanboddu)
         fedora-packager- requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     fedpkg (maintained by: cqi, lsedlar, onosek)
        fedpkg-1.37-10.fc32.noarch requires fedora-packager =, koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     libabigail (maintained by: dodji, sinnykumari)
         libabigail-fedora-1.6-2.fc31.x86_64 requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     perl-Fedora-Rebuild (maintained by: jplesnik, ppisar)
         perl-Fedora-Rebuild-0.12.1-18.fc31.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     pungi (maintained by: dmach, lsedlar, maxamillion, tdawson, wwoods)
         pungi-4.1.41-3.fc32.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

    atomic-reactor (maintained by: bkabrda, cverna, maxamillion, ttomecek, twaugh, vrutkovs)         python3-atomic-reactor-koji-1.6.47-1.fc32.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     bodhi (maintained by: bowlofeggs, infra-sig, jcline)
         python3-bodhi-client-4.1.0-5.fc32.noarch requires /usr/bin/koji

     python-robosignatory (maintained by: abompard, ralph)
         python3-robosignatory-0.6.0-1.fc32.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     rpmgrill (maintained by: halfie, romanofski, santiago)
         rpmgrill-0.34-3.fc31.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     ursa-major (maintained by: cqi, qwan)
         ursa-major-0.3.1-4.fc32.noarch requires koji = 1.19.1-2.fc32

     R2spec (maintained by: pingou)
         R2spec-5.0.0-1.fc32.noarch requires fedora-packager =

     fedora-review (maintained by: leamas, maxamillion, ngompa, pingou, 
        fedora-review-0.7.4-1.fc32.noarch requires fedora-packager =

     fontpackages (maintained by: frixxon, nim, tagoh)
        fontpackages-tools-1.44-25.fc31.noarch requires fedora-packager =

     oct2spec (maintained by: orion)
         oct2spec-1.1-3.fc32.noarch requires fedora-packager =

     tito (maintained by: dgoodwin, frostyx, maxamillion)
         tito-0.6.12-2.fc32.noarch requires fedora-packager =

     Too many dependencies for qpid-proton, not all listed here

This section is not very accurate. It is not Koji that gets broken, only python3-koji-hub-plugins and the dependent packages just need koji, not the kojihub plugins.

Either way, I think somebody should pay attention to the broken and orphaned qpid-proton package -- there are some real packages impacted by this.

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