On Friday, January 10, 2020 8:09:18 AM MST Aleksandra Fedorova wrote:
> We are not proposing the new architecture. We are proposing a "staging
> environment" for the current architecture. Which can be used for
> experiments which currently can not be performed without disrupting
> the release and user experience.

Clearly, this is not about the current architecture, it is about a newer, 
Intel-specific, micro architecture.


> Based on the impact described above, I wouldn't consider the change
> system-wide.
> But I think we touch an interesting topic here: It seems our
> definition of Change is quite limited and focused on packaged changes.
> And the work we propose doesn't really fit in this framework. I'm
> going to start a separate thread on it.

This will have affects across the entire distro, and would potentially require 
changes to a number of Packages to fix either compile-time or run-time issues.

John M. Harris, Jr.

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