Am 22.05.20 um 12:47 schrieb Miro Hrončok:
>> I was not aware that python-genshi is still part of the initial bootstrap
>> sequence. The package does not work with Python 3.9 (upstream problem, the
>> usual AST changes). I hope that won't make your life too difficult.
> genshi is used in some html5lib tests, hence it is in this list, but don't
> worry too much, the genshi tests are optional and can be skipped if needed.

Good to know :-)

>> I started to debug the failures but it seems it is not a one line fix. Then
>> I got distracted by trying to fix up borgbackup for Python 3.9.
> Sorry about the distraction.

No problem. I think it's hardly possible to run these mass rebuilds without an
occasional mistake.

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