On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 03:15:23PM -0400, Solomon Peachy wrote:
> So yes, I think an explicit "let's all test btrfs (as anaconda 
> configures it) before we make it default" period is warranted.  
> Perhaps one can argue that Fedora has already been doing that for the 
> past two years (since 2018-or-later-btrfs is what everyone with positive 
> results appears to be talking about), but it's still not clear that 
> those deployments utilize the same feature set as Fedora's defaults, and 
> how broad the hardware sample is.

Making btrfs opt-in for F33 and (assuming the result go well) opt-out for F34
could be good option. I know technically it is already opt-in, but it's not
very visible or popular. We could make the btrfs option more prominent and
ask people to pick it if they are ready to handle potential fallout.

Normally we just switch the default or we don't, without half measures. But
the fs is important enough and complicated enough to be extra careful about
any transitions.

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