Once upon a time, Josef Bacik <jo...@toxicpanda.com> said:
> This sounds like a "wtf, why are you doing this btrfs?" sort of
> thing, but this is just the reality of using checksums.  It's a
> checksum, not ECC.  We don't know _which_ bits are fucked, we just
> know somethings fucked, so we throw it all away.  If you have RAID
> or DUP then we go read the other copy, and fix the broken copy if we
> find a good copy.  If we don't, well then there's nothing really we
> can do.

That's where an fsck and a lost+found type directory should come into
play.  Maybe punt to user space, but still try to see what you can make
sense of to try to salvage.  If you are saying a single bit error in the
wrong place can basically lop off a good chunk of a filesystem, then I'm
going to say that's not an improvement in reliability.

Chris Adams <li...@cmadams.net>
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