* Nicolas Mailhot via devel:

>> How do I let rpm generate the changelog automatically?
> This feature is not changelog generation, just changelog bumping on
> build events. You still need some other method to put non-build events
> in the changelog.

What is “changelog bumping”?  Why is it needed?  What about release

> The detached changelog is just one more file in SRPM sources, which is
> modified by rpmbuild at `%build` time with other files rpmbuild
> modifies. The tricky part is to modify the source file as a source file
> so rpmbuild adds the result to the produced SRPM (and, that does not
> work in mock right now, because mock serves the SRPM that existed at
> the start, not at the end of the build. Though it’s probably just a
> matter of getting mock to call again its SRPM creation method at the
> end of the build).
> The packager does not have to request the modification in his spec,
> it’s done as part of the various %auto_foo calls the change introduced

Can you list the relevant %auto macros explicitly somewhere?  Is
%autosetup included in the set of macros that trigger this behavior?

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