Le jeudi 09 juillet 2020 à 09:40 -0700, PGNet Dev a écrit :
> I'm working on a spec, pulling source with forgemeta/scm
> With known/supported scm sources (e.g., github), it works as
> expected, with no issues.

Because every forge hosting service out there is inventing its own
archive export API, it is not possible for the macro to process an
unknown source without being taught how this particular service works.

That, basically involves writing the lua equivalent of regexpes that
contruct the variables forgesetup will use from forgeurl and
tag/commit/whatever (you can check in redhat-rpmc-config history how
pagure and gitea support was added, they’re the two last supported

So, either your need is a one-off, and you can workaround things by
setting all the variables forgemeta would have computed if it knew your
source, or it’s something generally useful for the long term, and
someone needs to add the regexpes

In other circumstances, the someone might be me, but I’m getting fed up
with everyone else in the project not doing their part and blaming me
for doing things alone. So, right now, very unlikely that I will invest
more in Fedora without others doing their parts.


Nicolas Mailhot
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