Matthew Miller wrote:
> I also don't see any reason to be required to keep unsolicited negative
> "private" emails secret. There's no agreement that they should be.
> However, I would request that you ignore them rather than bringing them
> back to the list. We can unsubscribe and moderate, but we can't do
> anything about reading and off-list replies, and I'd prefer for them to
> not get dragged back here. (My suggestion is to just ignore.)

Well, as I understand it, the main reason he is sending those private 
replies is that he was banned from the mailing list, or put on moderation or 

If this mailing list were actually a place where people are allowed to voice 
their technical criticisms without censorship, we would not have this 
situation to begin with.

Judging from the forwarded mail, I disagree with Harald on this particular 
issue, but that does not mean I think we should not listen to his points.

        Kevin Kofler
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