On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 10:03:47AM +0200, Nicolas Mailhot via devel wrote:
> The marginal cost of a button is completely marginal, on devices that
> already include other buttons, on a assembly line that already builds a
> ton of such things. 

Marginal costs are still costs.  They add up _very_ quickly.

If they can save $0.01 by eliminating a physical button, over a 
million-unit production run that's a cool $1 million of potantial 
profit.  Believe me, if they project that the NRE required to realize 
that cost savings comes in under $1M, they will make it happen.

(Obviously the production volume is what determines what level of cost 
 optimzation is worthwhile...)

> A physical button is a on-of, a digital key infrastructure is years of 
> expensive maintenance and updates to keep going. 

The marginal cost of additional users of digital key infrastructure is 
infitesimal, especially if the widget already requires some sort of 
online service to function.  The costs of that get covered by the 
subscrption fees.  (and when there's no fee, the costs get covered by 
mining your data)

Now the manufacturer may run the numbers and decide that using a 
physical button vs pure digital implementation reduces the _support_ 
costs, so it's better to stick with a button, but if we're being honest 
here most of the time post-sales lifecycle implications are rarely given 
any consideration at all.

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