On Sat, 2 Oct 2010 22:53:53 +0530
Mukund Sivaraman <m...@banu.com> wrote:

> Arithmetic coding in Fedora libjpeg (bug #639531)

...snip long thing...

My thoughts: 

- We should not be making this change in stable releases even if
  otherwise like the idea. It could well cause issues and problems with
  a fragile library used by a lot of things. 

- In f14+ we are not using libjpeg. We are using libjpeg-turbo. See: 
So, any request to enable this support should be filed there and looked
at from it's perspective. Do they have support? Does it cause any
issues? Does upstream enable it? 

- For the legal side, make your (new libjpeg-turbo) bug block FE_LEGAL
  so it can be looked at. 


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