Quoting "Thomas Sailer" <sai...@sailer.dynip.lugs.ch>:
> Also, I have a strange card reader which I would love to use under some
> form of virtualisation, as the accompanying application only runs under
> very old versions of windows.
> The card reader has the misfeature that it requires firmware to be
> loaded by the PC. To get the firmware, it connects, waits about 4
> seconds, and if it doesn't get anything it disconnects and reconnects
> again. Now qemu/kvm is currently much too slow for this, until the host
> notices the USB device and hands it over to the guest, about 5-10sec
> pass.
> Tom

I'd suggest you purchase a new card reader. You do realize you can  
pick them up for around $10?
If I had a card reader with that much drama just to get it to operate,  
it'd be out the door in no time!


Chris Jones

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