On 25/08/11 15:24, Paul Wouters wrote:

> Here the issue is:
> 3) I mostly don't need/want any DNS/DHCP in my bridged setup, but it still
>      configures and starts dnsmasq (at least on F14 using virt-manager)
>      (eg I have a /28 bridges to eth1 with static IPs, I don't want it)
> The biggest problem for me is wanting to run a DNSSEC aware resolver, and the
> libvirtd/dnsmasq is preventing me from doing a simple "yum install 
> unbound|bind"
> by stealing port 53. Especially on my laptop with libvirtd....

I think you've got something odd going on.... I'm using a bridged setup 
with libvirt and although I do have a dnsmasq running it is for the 
private network defined in libvirt (which I'm not using) and it is only 
listing on that private network's address.

So when I list networks I just have the default one:

virsh # net-list
Name                 State      Autostart
default              active     yes

and it is defined over a private address range:

virsh # net-dumpxml default
   <forward mode='nat'/>
   <bridge name='virbr0' stp='on' delay='0' />
   <mac address='52:54:00:37:0B:C2'/>
   <ip address='' netmask=''>
       <range start='' end='' />

and that is what lsof shows dnsmasq as listening on:

dnsmasq 2229 nobody    6u  IPv4              23692      0t0       TCP (LISTEN)

Though like I say, I don't actually use that as I have br0 setup as a 
bridge to my ethernet card and use bridged networking with that instead.


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