Adam Williamson <> wrote:
>On Sat, 2012-11-03 at 09:37 -0200, Henrique Junior wrote:
>> The guys behind openSUSE created a good approach with Tumbleweed. By
>> adding this repo users can opt-in to the (semi)rolling model.
>> Tumbleweed is more like a pool where updated, stable, non disruptive
>> software can be installed and I was able to talk to the guy who
>> created Tumbleweed some time ago. He said that it is easy to maintain
>> and takes only a few minutes a day to check things.
>> It is difficult, for example, to understand why we have to wait until
>> the next release to have LibreOffice 3.6, since this seems an non
>> disruptive update that could bring major improvements in the
>> productivity of users who rely on office suites to work.
>I don't think that *adding* tracks is an approach that is going to
>any of our problems, though it might add convenience for a small set of
>users. We need to be making things simpler, not more complex. :)

And in many cases it's simpler to have security updates for an LTS Fedora 
version than upgrading X workstations every 6 or 12 months.

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