Petr Machata <> a écrit:

> The soname didn't change.  I reviewed the actual changes using abidiff,
> and the only thing reported that I think is an actual ABI violation is
> insertion of one virtual method.  I don't think that's real however:

Indeed, the reported insertion of the virtual method is a false positive
resulting from a bug in abidiff.  I have committed a change to abidiff
that should fix that issue now.  And I confirm that the other abi
changes reported by abidiff do not represent ABI-incompatible changes.

> So the current plan is to simply update TBB and not even bump and
> rebuild clients,

Assuming abidiff hasn't forgotten to report any ABI-incompatible change,
this should work, yes.

> but if you could take your packages for a spin with the
> scratch builds, and report back, that would be great.

Good plan.


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