On 2018-02-23 11:53 AM, Lars Paulsen wrote:
Hello All,

I have ported the scope plugin to GTK3.
During that work I also noticed some deprecation warnings for the workbench plugin which I did create not long ago
and as suggested by the HACKING file I did write it for GTK2.

If I port a plugin to GTK3 should it still support GTK2?
Should we change the HACKING file regarding the preferred GTK version to prevent people from writing new plugins based on GTK2?


For the average plugin with minimal dependencies I would recommend to support both since it's so easy. You can put all of your version specific stuff into a single compatibility header (and/or re-use Geany's) so you don't need to litter your code with #ifdef stuff very much.

Most distros, as well as the Windows and MacOS releases are still shipping the GTK+2 version of Geany/Geany-Plugins and it's the build system default as well, so if you care about supporting a wide user base, supporting both versions is a good idea.

Matthew Brush
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