Changes in build 2613 from build: 2612

Size delta: 0.00M

-cronie 1.2-4.fc10
+cronie 1.2-7.fc10
-perl 4:5.10.0-51.fc10
+perl 4:5.10.0-52.fc10
-perl-Module-Pluggable 1:3.60-51.fc10
+perl-Module-Pluggable 1:3.60-52.fc10
-perl-Pod-Escapes 1:1.04-51.fc10
+perl-Pod-Escapes 1:1.04-52.fc10
-perl-Pod-Simple 1:3.07-51.fc10
+perl-Pod-Simple 1:3.07-52.fc10
-perl-libs 4:5.10.0-51.fc10
+perl-libs 4:5.10.0-52.fc10
-perl-version 3:0.74-51.fc10
+perl-version 3:0.74-52.fc10
-portaudio 19-5.fc9
+portaudio 19-6.fc10
-python-setuptools 0.6c8-1.fc10
+python-setuptools 0.6c9-1.fc10
-sugar 0.83.4-2.olpc4
+sugar 0.83.3-1.olpc4
-sugar-toolkit 0.83.3-2.olpc4
+sugar-toolkit 0.83.2-3.olpc4

--- Changes for portaudio 19-6.fc10 from 19-5.fc9 ---
  + Add a patch by Kevin Kofler to make non mmap alsa (and thus pulseaudio) work

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