What I find discouraging is mentally comparing the "responsiveness 
in use" of F10-based Joyride builds against what I remember (perhaps 
mistakenly) of responsiveness with Ship.2 builds.  [I don't 
currently have a Ship.2 system on hand for direct comparison.]

Examples of my ("non-performance") experience with recent Joyrides :

  -  I use an external USB keyboard.  In Terminal, I type in a short 
command and press <enter>.  It can take more than half a second (or 
even longer) for the cursor to move from the line it was on (where I 
typed) to the start of a new screen line.

  -  I click on an Activity icon in Home View or Journal.  Up to TWO 
seconds later, the XO begins showing (and pulsing) the screen that 
is supposed to indicate "Activity being launched".  [The only way I 
can get 'instant' response from the XO is to elicit the drop-down 
palette from the Activity icon, then click in that palette on Start 
(if in Home View) or on Resume (if in Journal).  Having done so, the 
vanishing of that palette is satisfyingly "responsive".  (Of course, 
if I were to miss the palette entirely <due to my shaky hands> when 
I click, the palette vanishes without the Activity being launched.)]


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