Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> On 18.12.2008, at 08:08, Philipp Kocher wrote:
>> One more thing, the scratch icon is not shown in the journal for files
>> with the scratch mimetype. I think the file
>> /usr/share/sugar/data/mime.defaults has to be adapted to include the
>> scratch-mimetype.
> It just has to be listed in the activity bundle's info file:
> - Bert -
I added the mime_types attribute to the file and the 
icon attribute is set as well. But still the Scratch icon is not shown 
in the Journal (the default octet-stream icon is shown) even so the 
Scratch mime-type is set in the metadata file in the datastore.

I think the problem is connected to the gtk theme (gtk-update-icon-cache 
and update-mime-database). e.g. etoys has file etoys.xml in 
/usr/share/mime/packages and probably the icon in the icon cache.

How can I put the icon in the icon-cache?

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