Hi Chris,

> I've gone through what's been pulling in the perl dependency and
> narrowed down the packages that are dependant on it to the following
> list. There's a number of easy fix ones and two that I need to dig
> further on. The first four should be a matter of just blocking them
> out of the kickstart file.
> w3m
> logwatch
> lftp
> fbset
> This one is because cronie wants a mailer. Daniel and I fixed this one
> on joyride by explicitly adding ssmtp (a 50K mailer)
> exim
> These two will be a little more interesting. I'm going to file some
> bugs against them. The second one I can't see why it needs perl. The
> first one we'll see.
> deltarpm
> libgnomeprint22

As a followup to this email I filed bugs for the two issues above, I
was given permission to fix libgnomeprint22 (BZ 489227) which has been
done and should show up in the next rawhide. Still awaiting response
for the deltarpm one (BZ 489231). I can create a patch for the
kickstart if that makes it easier for you too.

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