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> On 4 June 2010 21:48, Tiago Marques <tiago...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > If you're planning on doing a repository exclusively for the XO-1, Gentoo
> is
> > simple to setup and, from what I read on this mailing list, thicks all
> your
> > boxes:
> I'm a Gentoo fan myself.
> But you're talking about a whole new project here. Packaging all the
> OLPC technologies and packages. Breaking many field-deployed
> processes. etc.

>From what I've built from scratch, alone, these don't work:

   - screen rotation
   - suspend/resume (must try powerd sometime)
   - keymap works but isn't set at startup
   - mesh networking(haven't even tried though)
   - rainbow and bitfrost(also haven't tried)

I built OLPC's kernel in Gentoo with no problems, which helped me a lot to
start. The rest works great.

Can you be more specific of what more would break? I can think of
olpc-update but not much else unfortunately.

> The steps I outline above will (I believe) result in a usable OLPC OS
> distro similar to what goes out to the field today.
> To use any other OS, a lot more work is needed before you end up
> something which can be used at scale.

That's true but you're again limited to not having security fix or updates
available after 12 months(?), which from what I've seen is around the time
the image is ready for deployment.
I have no idea of the work involved in that, aside from what I read here.
>From what I've read it could be worth it but it was just a suggestion.

Best regards,

> Daniel
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