On 7 June 2010 17:58, Peter Robinson <pbrobin...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> In this case, the Fedora packages are now unusable, so rebuilding them
>> would be needed. I'm not sure that this counts as progressing to
>> "rolling our own distro" since the rebuild would be fully automatic,
>> and that the end result would only have trivial differences. (unless
>> I'm missing something in my untested proposal, it wouldn't require any
>> significant change in engineering resources from OLPC's side)
> OK, so what your actually proposing is essentially becoming a
> Secondary Arch [1] of Fedora with some compiler flags to optimise it
> for the platforms we need to support? That would be a lot less work
> but we'd still need to put a koji builder instance or two in place.
> Who will be providing and maintaining that infrastructure?

That would be a lot of work.
My suggestion is more simplistic. Look at the package set included in
an OLPC build, rebuild them for i586 using mock, and then run a build
using that repo.
(the process does have its similarities for what would happen for a
2ndary arch, but at a fraction of the scale, with no infra/political

Hopefully none of this will be necessary--nevertheless I thought it
would be worthwhile to push an alternative idea out.

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