i have a problem with MacOS 10.5! I get always the Errormessage "NSApplication 
- Error while loading NIB file"

the same project runs well on MacOS 10.6 .....

even when I start a new project on 10.5 and try to run it I get this error ???

it works when the NIB file is on Root dir and I load the Nib with : 
"NSApplication.LoadNib("/mainmenu.nib");" ???

so I doubt that there is something wrong with the nib itself..

I use the monodevelop2.2 and the addins(0.9) to create a project so the nib is 
in the resources folder but when I move it into a "en.lproj" it dosent work, 

I tried this with mono 2.6.1 and 2.6.4 and with monobjc 2.0.492 and 2.0.505 
(version 1 and 2) always with the same result.



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