in the orginal version i did that (but with the ".nib" extension) but this does 
not work. I tried many version of that codeline :) none of them works
as I said on 10.6 it works....
I tested it on a fresh 10.5 install and on an updated 10.5.8 mac os with no luck


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You don't have to specify either the path or the extension of the NIB file. The 
Cocoa framework will look into the Resources folder of the Application to find 
the NIB.

If your NIB file is MainMenu.nib and is placed in the Resources folder, you 
just have to write this to load it:

NSApplication.LoadNib("MainMenu"); // <-- No path, no extension.

Regards, Laurent Etiemble.
2010/7/2 Thomas Leppkes <tlepp...@jjk.de<mailto:tlepp...@jjk.de>>


i have a problem with MacOS 10.5! I get always the Errormessage "NSApplication 
- Error while loading NIB file"

the same project runs well on MacOS 10.6 .....

even when I start a new project on 10.5 and try to run it I get this error ???

it works when the NIB file is on Root dir and I load the Nib with : 
"NSApplication.LoadNib("/mainmenu.nib");" ???

so I doubt that there is something wrong with the nib itself..

I use the monodevelop2.2 and the addins(0.9) to create a project so the nib is 
in the resources folder but when I move it into a "en.lproj" it dosent work, 

I tried this with mono 2.6.1 and 2.6.4 and with monobjc 2.0.492 and 2.0.505 
(version 1 and 2) always with the same result.



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