On Feb 8, 2006, at 12:46 PM, Ralph H. Castain wrote:

In addition, I took advantage of the change to fix something Brian
had flagged in the orte/mca/rmgr/urm/rmgr_urm.c file where he noted
that the wireup of stdin for io forwarding should occur at the LAUNCH
stage (as opposed to the STG1 stage gate where it was occurring).
Given the availability of the new triggers, I changed that to conform
to his noted request.

Brian: please check that code to ensure I did this correctly.

I can't figure out exactly what is going on, but it looks like this change broke standard input forwarding. I currently have it traced back (via printf debugging) to the fact that the orte_rmgr_urm_wireup_callback() callback never gets triggered in mpirun, so the wireup_stdin() function is never called and we never start pushing mpirun's standard input into the iof system.

At that point, we fall into parts of the code with which I'm not too familiar, so I have to hand this one back to you ;).


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