Okay, it turned out that the counters were not being adjusted as processes hit the INIT and LAUNCHED stages - just a case where that hadn't been implemented yet. I've fixed that now (it was easier to fix than go back) and the wireup_stdin function is now being called.

Brian: can you verify that things are working correctly now?


At 07:40 AM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
Hmmm....yuck! I'll take a look - will set it back to what it was
before in the interim.


At 07:05 AM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
>On Feb 8, 2006, at 12:46 PM, Ralph H. Castain wrote:
> > In addition, I took advantage of the change to fix something Brian
> > had flagged in the orte/mca/rmgr/urm/rmgr_urm.c file where he noted
> > that the wireup of stdin for io forwarding should occur at the LAUNCH
> > stage (as opposed to the STG1 stage gate where it was occurring).
> > Given the availability of the new triggers, I changed that to conform
> > to his noted request.
> >
> > Brian: please check that code to ensure I did this correctly.
>I can't figure out exactly what is going on, but it looks like this
>change broke standard input forwarding.  I currently have it traced
>back (via printf debugging) to the fact that the
>orte_rmgr_urm_wireup_callback() callback never gets triggered in
>mpirun, so the wireup_stdin() function is never called and we never
>start pushing mpirun's standard input into the iof system.
>At that point, we fall into parts of the code with which I'm not too
>familiar, so I have to hand this one back to you ;).
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