On Mon, 2006-08-21 at 09:38 +0200, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Revision 11268 makes me curious:
> |    M /trunk/config/ompi_setup_cxx.m4
> | 
> | Reorder the C++ compiler discovery stages. Check first the compiler vendor
> | before checking if we are able to compile the test program. This is required
> | for windows as the C++ conftest.c file generated by configure cannot be
> | compiled with the Microsoft cl.exe compiler (because of the exit function
> | prototype). So if we detect a vendor equal to microsoft we will assume
> | that the compiler is correctly installed (which is true on Windows most
> | of the time anyway).
> I believe to have killed all problematic exit cases from the OpenMPI
> configury some time ago.  Did I miss any, or did the remaining ones
> come from some other package (so we can fix that one)?  Which Autoconf
> version was used (2.60 should not use any exit declarations itself any
> more)?

For one, I think I forgot to commit the patch you sent (shame on me!).
But I know George wasn't using AC 2.60 at the time.  He was going to try
that and see if it helped.


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