Revision 11268 makes me curious:

|    M /trunk/config/ompi_setup_cxx.m4
| Reorder the C++ compiler discovery stages. Check first the compiler vendor
| before checking if we are able to compile the test program. This is required
| for windows as the C++ conftest.c file generated by configure cannot be
| compiled with the Microsoft cl.exe compiler (because of the exit function
| prototype). So if we detect a vendor equal to microsoft we will assume
| that the compiler is correctly installed (which is true on Windows most
| of the time anyway).

I believe to have killed all problematic exit cases from the OpenMPI
configury some time ago.  Did I miss any, or did the remaining ones
come from some other package (so we can fix that one)?  Which Autoconf
version was used (2.60 should not use any exit declarations itself any


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