Hi everyone

Several of us were on a telecon yesterday and the topic of better
coordinating the activities on OpenRTE came up. While things have percolated
along reasonably well, the general feeling was that better, wider knowledge
of current OpenRTE development activities and directions would help -
especially as more people are becoming involved and/or looking to use
OpenRTE in different ways.

Two ideas for responding to that suggestion have been kicked around:

1. a weekly telecon specifically to discuss OpenRTE development activities,
directions, and issues. I would appreciate some feedback from people
interested in participating in such a telecon. If there is sufficient
interest, I will coordinate a time with the interested people and setup a
phone bridge.

2. posted activities (both ongoing and planned) on the OpenRTE web site.
This could initially just be a posted list (that I would maintain) of what
people are doing along with a list of "known next steps". Eventually, this
could transform into a blog or a wiki, as interests dictate.

Any feedback on either/both of these ideas would be welcome. I also should
point out that there is an OpenRTE developers mailing list (see
http://www.open-rte.org) - it doesn't see a lot of traffic as most of the
discussion tends to take place on the Open MPI mailing lists (where the
primary usage currently occurs). However, as interest migrates into other
applications, I expect to see that activity grow.


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