Okay, I have heard back from several people. The consensus seems to be that:

1. a regular telecon is probably not worth doing at this time. We will look
at this again as more people start regularly contributing to the code

2. some kind of web-based system that keeps people apprised of what people
are doing - and are planning on doing - would be very helpful

3. more frequent "announcements" of changes would help, especially when they
are significant

Based on the feedback, I am going to setup an OpenRTE wiki to track current
areas of activity and planned "next-steps". In addition, I will try to keep
some kind of "blog-like" record of my activities on that site so people can
get a view of what I'm up to (since I am the primary - though not exclusive
- person modifying the code). For instance, I frequently find and fix minor
"bugs" as I'm working on adding functionality to the code - I will note
those on the site as I am fixing them.

Again, I would like to note that people are always welcome to drop me a note
or call me on the phone if they have a question about what I'm doing or
planning to do.


On 1/4/07 7:41 AM, "Ralph H Castain" <r...@lanl.gov> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> Several of us were on a telecon yesterday and the topic of better coordinating
> the activities on OpenRTE came up. While things have percolated along
> reasonably well, the general feeling was that better, wider knowledge of
> current OpenRTE development activities and directions would help - especially
> as more people are becoming involved and/or looking to use OpenRTE in
> different ways.
> Two ideas for responding to that suggestion have been kicked around:
> 1. a weekly telecon specifically to discuss OpenRTE development activities,
> directions, and issues. I would appreciate some feedback from people
> interested in participating in such a telecon. If there is sufficient
> interest, I will coordinate a time with the interested people and setup a
> phone bridge.
> 2. posted activities (both ongoing and planned) on the OpenRTE web site. This
> could initially just be a posted list (that I would maintain) of what people
> are doing along with a list of "known next steps". Eventually, this could
> transform into a blog or a wiki, as interests dictate.
> Any feedback on either/both of these ideas would be welcome. I also should
> point out that there is an OpenRTE developers mailing list (see
> http://www.open-rte.org) - it doesn't see a lot of traffic as most of the
> discussion tends to take place on the Open MPI mailing lists (where the
> primary usage currently occurs). However, as interest migrates into other
> applications, I expect to see that activity grow.
> Thanks
> Ralph

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