Thanks - I'll take a look at this (and the prior ones!) in the next couple
of weeks when time permits and get back to you.


On 5/23/07 1:11 PM, "George Bosilca" <> wrote:

> Attached is another patch to the ORTE layer, more specifically the
> replica. The idea is to decrease the number of strcmp by using a
> small hash function before doing the strcmp. The hask key for each
> registry entry is computed when it is added to the registry. When
> we're doing a query, instead of comparing the 2 strings we first
> check if the hash key match, and if they do match then we compare the
> 2 strings in order to make sure we eliminate collisions from our
> answers.
> There is some benefit in terms of performance. It's hardly visible
> for few processes, but it start showing up when the number of
> processes increase. In fact the number of strcmp in the trace file
> drastically decrease. The main reason it works well, is because most
> of the keys start with basically the same chars (such as orte-
> blahblah) which transform the strcmp on a loop over few chars.
> Ralph, please consider it for inclusion on the ORTE layer.
>    Thanks,
>      george.
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