On Jul 10, 2007, at 7:09 AM, Tim Prins wrote:

Jeff Squyres wrote:
2. The "--enable-mca-no-build" option takes a comma-delimited list of
components that will then not be built.  Granted, this option isn't
exactly intuitive, but it was the best that we could think of at the
time to present a general solution for inhibiting the build of a
selected list of components.  Hence, "--enable-mca-no-build=pls-
slurm,ras-slurm" would inhibit building the SLURM RAS and PLS
components (note that the SLURM components currently do not require
any additional libraries, so a) there is no corresponding --with [out]-
slurm option, and b) they are usually always built).

Actually, there are --with-slurm/--without-slurm options. We default to building slurm support automatically on linux and aix, but not on other

On a mostly unrelated note... We should probably also now build the SLURM component for OS X, since SLURM is now available for OS X as well. And probably should also check for SLURM's srun and build if we find it even if we aren't on Linux, AIX, or OS X.


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