that is a fair point, and i do not mind *always* using the github merge button if this is what is best for most of us.

by the way, what was the issue in the first place ?
- broken master ?
- a bunch of commits that did not break anything but that could have been pushed accidentally ?

note this PR was a bunch of mostly unrelated commits, and hence there was not a real "cut line".

my understanding is we allow ourselves this kind of flexibility with the master branch, plus the commits passed

the CI testings so that is ok *to me* (let me emphasize to "to me" one more time, and this is not a strong opinion).

plus our workflow is to cherry-pick from master and PR to the release branch(es) (vs gitflow and variants) so i do not

see a strong need for artificial cut lines, nor a unique set of related commits per PR.



On 12/2/2016 9:41 AM, Paul Hargrove wrote:

On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 4:25 PM, Gilles Gouaillardet < <>> wrote:

    git checkout master

    git merge --ff-only topic/misc_fixes

    git push origin master



You characterized the merge commit has having "close to zero added value" to you - but in this instance it would have saved you and others a non-trivial amount of time in email.

Additionally, in projects I work on we value that merge commit as a "cut line" if we ever need to revert an entire PR for some reason. Using git-bisect such that one includes or excludes the entire PR is also a justification for keeping the merge commit. So my opinion is that you should have omitted "--ff-only" and entered a commit message that at least identified the PR number.

    though this does not generate a git commit,
    <> is smart enough to figure this out and marks
    the PR as merged.

FWIW: "smart enough" is simply a detection that the last commit in the PR has become an ancestor of the current HEAD.


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