Hi Folks,

Open MPI v2.1.2rc1 tarballs are available for testing at the usual



There is an outstanding issue which will be fixed before the final release:


but we wanted to get an rc1 out to see what else we may need

to fix.

Bug fixes/changes in this release include:

- Remove IB XRC support from the OpenIB BTL due to loss of maintainer.
- Fix a problem with MPI_IALLTOALLW when using zero-length messages.
  Thanks to Dahai Guo for reporting.
- Fix a problem with C11 generic type interface for SHMEM_G.  Thanks
  to Nick Park for reporting.
- Switch to using the lustreapi.h include file when building Open MPI
  with Lustre support.
- Fix a problem in the OB1 PML that led to hangs with OSU collective tests.
- Fix a progression issue with MPI_WIN_FLUSH_LOCAL.  Thanks to
  Joseph Schuchart for reporting.
- Fix an issue with recent versions of PBSPro requiring libcrypto.
  Thanks to Petr Hanousek for reporting.
- Fix a problem when using MPI_ANY_SOURCE with MPI_SENDRECV.
- Fix an issue that prevented signals from being propagated to ORTE
- Ensure that signals are forwarded from ORTE daemons to all processes
  in the process group created by the daemons.  Thanks to Ted Sussman
  for reporting.
- Fix a problem with launching a job under a debugger. Thanks to
  Greg Lee for reporting.
- Fix a problem with Open MPI native I/O MPI_FILE_OPEN when using
  a communicator having an associated topology.  Thanks to
  Wei-keng Liao for reporting.
- Fix an issue when using MPI_ACCUMULATE with derived datatypes.
- Fix a problem with Fortran bindings that led to compilation errors
  for user defined reduction operations.  Thanks to Nathan Weeks for
- Fix ROMIO issues with large writes/reads when using NFS file systems.
- Fix definition of Fortran MPI_ARGV_NULL and MPI_ARGVS_NULL.
- Enable use of the head node of a SLURM allocation on Cray XC systems.
- Fix a problem with synchronous sends when using the UCX PML.
- Use default socket buffer size to improve TCP BTL performance.
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