I’m seeing this when building the v3.0.x branch:

runtime/ompi_mpi_init.c:395:49: warning: passing argument 2 of 
‘opal_atomic_cmpset_32’ makes integer from pointer without a cast 
     if (!opal_atomic_cmpset_32(&ompi_mpi_state, &expected, desired)) {
In file included from ../opal/include/opal/sys/atomic.h:159:0,
                 from ../opal/threads/thread_usage.h:30,
                 from ../opal/class/opal_object.h:126,
                 from ../opal/class/opal_list.h:73,
                 from runtime/ompi_mpi_init.c:43:
../opal/include/opal/sys/x86_64/atomic.h:85:19: note: expected ‘int32_t {aka 
int}’ but argument is of type ‘int32_t * {aka int *}’
 static inline int opal_atomic_cmpset_32( volatile int32_t *addr,

I have a feeling this isn’t correct - yes?

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