The first release candidate for the 3.1.2 release is posted at

Major changes include fixing the race condition in vader (the same one that 
caused v2.1.5rc1 to be posted today) as well as:

- Assorted Portals 4.0 bug fixes.
- Fix for possible data corruption in MPI_BSEND.
- Move shared memory file for vader btl into /dev/shm on Linux.
- Fix for MPI_ISCATTER/MPI_ISCATTERV Fortran interfaces with MPI_IN_PLACE.
- Upgrade PMIx to v2.1.3.
- Numerous One-sided bug fixes.
- Fix for race condition in uGNI BTL.
- Improve handling of large number of interfaces with TCP BTL.
- Numerous UCX bug fixes.

Our goal is to release 3.1.2 around the same time as 2.1.5 (hopefully end of 
this week), so any testing is appreciated.

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