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> IIRC mtt-relay is not only a proxy (squid can do that too).

Probably true.  IIRC, I think mtt-relay was meant to be a 
dirt-stupid-but-focused-to-just-one-destination relay.

> mtt results can be manually copied from a cluster behind a firewall, and then 
> mtt-relay can “upload” these results to mtt.open-MPI.org

Yes, but then a human has to be involved, which kinda defeats at least one of 
the goals of MTT.  Using mtt-relay allowed MTT to still function in an 
automated fashion.

FWIW, it may not be necessary to convert mtt-relay to python (IIRC that it's 
protocol agnostic, but like I said: it's been quite a while since I've looked 
at that code).  It was pretty small and straightforward.  It could also just 
stay in mtt-legacy.

Jeff Squyres

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