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> > I tested on our cluster (UTK). I will give a thumb up but I have
> > some comments.
> > 
> > What I understand with 4.0.
> > - openib btl is disabled by default (can be turned on by mca)  
> > My question is, what if the user does not have UCX installed (but
> > they have infiniband hardware). The user will not have fast
> > transport for their hardware. As of my testing, this release will
> > fall back to btl/tcp if I dont specify the mca to use uct or force
> > openib. Will this be a problem?   
> This is a question for Mellanox.
I may be worth noting here that quite a few clusters with Mellanox IB
run the RHEL IB stack and RHEL does not package ucx. Not picking up
and using verbs on such a cluster by default seems like a strange
behavior to me.

/Peter K
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