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Yossi Itigin <yos...@mellanox.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> UCX is on the way into RH distro and will be available and ON by
> default (auto-detectable by OMPI build process) automatically in the
> near future.

That is good to hear, already in the upcomming 7.6?
> Meanwhile, user can enable UCX by two methods:
> 1. Download & Install UCX from openucx.org and Build openmpi with it.
> 2. Download HPC-X from Mellanox site (openmpi pre-compiled and
> packaged with UCX) for distro of interest (User can re-compile the
> package with site default as well)

There's even:
 3. enable epel and install it from there.

/Peter K
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