Hallo everyone,

I am currently implementing a PMIx server and I try to use it with
OpenMPI. I do have an own mpiexec which starts my PMIx server and
launches the processes.

If I launch an executable linked against OpenMPI, during MPI_Init() the
ORTE layer starts another PMIx server and overrides my PMIX_*
environment so this new server is used instead of mine.

So I am looking for a method to prevent orte(d) from starting a PMIx

I already tried to understand what the slurm support is doing, since
this is (at least in parts) what I think I need. Somehow when starting
a job with srun --mpi=pmix_v2 the ess module pmi is started, but I was
not able to enforce that manually by setting an MCA parameter (oss
should be the correct one?!?)
And I do not yet have a clue how the slurm support is working.

So does anyone has a hint for me where I can find documentation or
information concerning that or is there an easy way to achieve what I
am trying to do that I missed?

Thank you in advance.


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