Announcing Open MPI v4.0.0rc4

Please download from and provide feedback from your favorite platforms.
changes from rc3 include:
PR #5780 - Fortran 08 bindings fixes
    fortran/use-mpi-f08: Corrections to PMPI signatures of collectives
    interface to state correct intent for inout arguments and use the
    ASYNCHRONOUS attribute in non-blocking collective calls.
PR #5834 - 2 more vader fixes
  1. Issue #5814 - work around Oracle C v5.15 compiler bug
  2. ensure the fast box tag is always read first
PR #5794 - mtl ofi: Change from opt-in to opt-out provider selection
PR #5802 -  mpi.h: remove MPI_UB/MPI_LB when not enabling MPI-1 compat
PR #5823 - btl/tcp: output the IP address correctly
PR #5826 - TCP BTL socklen fixes Issue #3035
PR #5790 - shmem/lock: progress communications while waiting for shmem_lock
PR #5791 - OPAL/COMMON/UCX: used __func__ macro instead of __FUNCTION__

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