> On Oct 22, 2018, at 12:58 PM, Santiago Serebrinsky <sserebrin...@gmail.com> 
> wrote:
> Precisely, that was the problem.
> I disabled Fortran support to move ahead and see if I could manage that way 
> (and I found I couldn't!), at least in some of my uses. But I (and perhaps 
> others as well) would still need to have Fortran support, so the issue is not 
> moot at all.

Ah, ok.

I did see a curious error in your config.log:

12164 configure:62128: gfortran   conftest.f90 -Isubdir   -lz
12165 f951.exe: Fatal Error: Reading module 'ompi_mod_flag' at line 21 column 
49: Unexpected EOF
12166 compilation terminated.^M
12167 configure:62135: $? = 1

Which looks like it failed to compile a program that used the test Fortran 
module that configure created.

Specifically, the overall test is here:


It basically does this:

1. Make a "subdir"
2. Cd into that "subdir"
3. Compile a trivial Fortran program that should emit a Fortran module 
4. Cd back into ..
5. Try compiling a trivial Fortran test program that uses the module that was 
just emitted, using a few different CLI options to specify the subdir where the 
test Fortran module can be found

The first option -- "-I" -- seems to work, but it seems to think that the 
emitted Fortran module is invalid.  That's where we get that config.log error.

I admit that I'm a bit confused as to why gfortran thinks the module file is 
invalid ("Unexpected EOF").  You might want to try replicating what the test is 
doing manually to see if your gfortran really is emitting invalid modules...?

Jeff Squyres

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