I just pushed rc1 for what we hope to be the final final final no really trust 
me final version of the 2.1.x series.  We may sit on this release until 
January, just because everyone is still recovering from SC'18+US Thanksgiving 
holiday, and we have the MPI Forum next week, and the Christmas holiday shortly 
thereafter.  That being said, we don't expect many (any?) more additions to the 
2.1.6 before release.


2.1.6rc1 includes the following fixes:

- Update the openib BTL to handle a newer flavor of the
  ibv_exp_query() API.  Thanks to Angel Beltre (and others) for
  reporting the issue.
- Fix a segv when specifying a username in a hostfile.  Thanks to
  StackOverflow user @derangedhk417 for reporting the issue.
- Work around Oracle compiler v5.15 bug (which resulted in a failure
  to compile Open MPI source code).
- Disable CUDA async receive support in the openib BTL by default
  because it is broken for sizes larger than the GPUDirect RDMA
  limit.  User can set the MCA variable btl_openib_cuda_async_recv to
  true to re-enable CUDA async receive support.
- Various atomic and shared memory consistency bug fixes, especially
  affecting the vader (shared memory) BTL and PMIx.
- Add openib BTL support for BCM57XXX and BCM58XXX Broadcom HCAs.
- Fix segv in oob/ud component.  Thanks to Balázs Hajgató for
  reporting the issue.

Jeff Squyres

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